About Mobile Barriers MBT-1™: “Positive Protection on Wheels”

The Mobile Barriers Trailer (MBT-1) is an integrated, rigid wall, trailer that can be used in conjunction with standard semi-tractors to provide mobile, improved, safety and work environments for personnel at applicable maintenance, construction and security sites.

In the context of interstate construction, the Trailer is specifically designed to reduce work zone incursions by passing traffic (fore, aft and side protection), to reduce the number of collateral vehicles and equipment needed at and within the work zone, and to improve lighting and ambient conditions thus improving general conditions and alertness on site. Each of these three areas has been shown in applicable research to be significant contributors to on site fatalities and injuries.

MBT-1 provides a physical and visual wall between passing traffic and the maintenance personnel. With integrated crash attenuation at the rear, a semi-tractor at the front, and a rigid wall on the side toward passing traffic, the Trailer provides 100’ of barrier and protected work area. The work area itself will be less cluttered and better lit.

The Trailer can be ordered complete with integrated power, message/arrow board, safety lighting, work lighting, storage and supply areas, and other features intended to reduce the number of collateral vehicles and equipment typically needed on site.

MBT-1’s design allows for relatively easy visual inspection, repair and/or modular replacement in the case of an incident. One or more sections of the wall (20’ ea) can be removed for shortened configurations and/or high speed transport. The Trailer can be used to provide protected areas to either the right or the left side of the road depending on which end to which the tractor is attached.

The Trailer provides substantially more usable work space than any prior design, with more than enough space for trucks to enter and leave the protected space if and as necessary.

MBT-1 is the first fully NCHRP 350/MASH tested and accepted mobile barrier available to the industry.