Topcon’s new robotic station built for prism tracking

Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) has introduced the PS Series, a professional-grade robotic total station that uses Topcon’s PowerTrac technology to increase the prism tracking power.

The system uses optics, laser system and advanced algorithms, to track a moving prism.

The PS employs a phase shift EDM that has a smaller beam width than other reflectorless instruments in its class, according to Topcon. The algorithm that’s used reduces the noise associated with reflectorless measurements providing an accurate result to most surfaces over longer distances up to a 3,280-foot non-prism range. The smaller beam width allows measurements in tough situations such as through a chain link fence to a building or other critical surface.

The PS series is built to be rugged, both waterproof and dustproof, and has an advanced security and maintenance system – TSshield, a communications module – LongLink, and an integrated remote system – RC-5.

If the PS has been reported stolen, a signal can be sent to the instrument to disable it. To keep the instrument’s operating system up to date, a cloud-based server sends a message to the PS to advise the operator that a newer firmware version is available for download. With TSshield, owners can even track the instrument location on a web-based map view.

The use of LongLink provides a 1,968-foot wireless communication range, allowing full operation of the PS from the prism pole, using the RC-5 remote system, field controller or Topcon Tesla tablet.

The PS is designed for use on several applications, including building layout, earthwork volumes, land surveying, construction stakeout and even machine control LPS operation.

Additional features of the PS series include the following:
— IP65 dust and waterproof rating;
— Automatic angle measurement calibration;
— Large graphic and color touchscreen;
— Backlit keyboard for use in bright or low light;
— USB flash drive port;
— Availability in 1- and 3- arc second models for the North American market.