New Cat H75Es and H95Es hammers feature enhanced durability and high productivity through design and manufacture by Caterpillar

BreakerCaterpillar is expanding the E Series Hammer line with the addition of the new H75Es and H95Es, designed for backhoe loaders and small excavators. E Series Hammers are wholly designed, engineered and manufactured by Caterpillar, making Caterpillar the only global hammer and carrier manufacturer. The hammers are fully supported by Cat dealers so that customers can work with a single organization for machine and work tool parts and service.

E Series hammers build on proven D Series features, such as automatic shutoff, which instantly stops the hammer when the tool breaks through material. The system increases hammer reliability and durability by eliminating the high internal stresses created by blank firing. Sound suppression is standard for environmental protection and improved operator comfort.

Cat hammers deliver high blow energy and frequency, which means more breaking power on the job. The H75Es delivers 1,000 ft.-lb. (1,356 J) of energy at 840 to 1,650 blows per minute. The H95Es delivers 1,500 ft.-lb. (2,034 J) of energy at 700 to 1,260 blows per minute.

The H75E and H95E hammers feature a gas-fired system that maintains constant power between service intervals. The E Series housing is built for strength. A sleek, curved front and back profile eliminate stress points and transfer forces to the bottom of the hammer.  Additionally, the H75Es and H95Es are sized and shaped to curl and tuck under a Cat backhoe loader boom for easy transport on the machine without boom damage or interference with traffic.

Cat hammer settings are pre-programmed in Cat excavator tool control systems for easy set up. The oil flow and pressure are fully adjustable in the tool control program. Actual hammer working hours can be recorded for routine maintenance purposes. Easy serviceability and rebuild features help keep life cycle costs low.

The H75Es and H95Es hammers are matched to the full line of Cat backhoe loaders and to Cat 307, 308, 311 and 312 hydraulic excavators.  For more information about E Series hammers, contact the local Cat dealer or go to