Sokkia announces new total station series for professionals – the FX


SokkiaSokkia announces a new reflectorless total station – the FX – that includes on-board MAGNET™ Field application software, a telematics-based communications module TSshield™, and a long-range wireless communications system utilizing Bluetooth® Class 1 technology.

Denny Welch, senior vice president-survey, said, “The mid-range series of instruments comes with the industry’s most complete package of innovative technologies, including the most accurate, most powerful electronic distance measurement (EDM) in its class. The RED-Tech EDM technology is a reliable technology from Sokkia that has gotten even better. With the RED-Tech EDM, the FX provides a tight beam signal and strong returns from the most difficult of surfaces – dark and wet.

“The TSshield feature of the FX is the survey industry’s only security and maintenance system,” he said. “TSshield enables owners to receive on-board notices of available firmware updates. If the instrument is lost or stolen, a future firmware release will allow the owner to send a coded signal virtually anywhere in the world to the instrument to disable it.”

The Bluetooth communications module, when connected with an external data collector, records data for codes and remote rod position. Welch said, “The remote operator can record data as-builts, eliminating many common errors. For stakeout, the operator can view directors required to find the stake point.”

He said, “the FX crew can function similarly to a robotic system, by placing the field controller at the prism, the instrument operator only needs to aim the EDM.”

Additional features of the FX series include:
— Windows® CE6 on-board with MAGNET Field
— Non-prism operating distance of 1,640 feet (500m) and 13,120 feet (4,000m) with a prism
— Advanced angle measurement system
— Waterproof, rugged, and operator friendly design
— Available in 1, 2, 3, and 5 arc second accuracy models.