Limit Yellow ApplicationTENAX Limit is a lightweight, easy to set-up, reusable modular barrier fencing system which appeals to all organizations involved in crowd control and to companies requiring a highly visible safety barrier. The sturdy frame is made of either white-coated or galvanized metal, with two feet per panel that make the system self-supporting. The connectors between the metal panels are maneuverable, making the fencing easy to transport and set-up, and easy to fold and store in minimal storage space. In addition, the side bars feature a reflective material, making the TENAX Limit highly visible and the ideal solution for all applications during day and night. The reusable system is available with fencing in three colors (orange, yellow, and green) and in heights of 40” and 48”. The orange and yellow systems also come with a reflective banner across the middle of the safety fence, making them even better suited for highway and night applications. Other applications that can benefit from the TENAX Limit include utility work sites, restricted areas and crowd control at events, sporting events, building sites, temporary foot paths, and dangerous areas that need identification. Each set includes four panels and is pre-assembled for easy use.