LiuGong dealer Equipment East now certified Cummins Service Provider

Equipment East has become one of the first LiuGong Certified Cummins Service Providers in its LiuGong Construction Machinery dealer network.

LiuGong recently formed a strategic alliance with Cummins, a long-term partner and supplier of engines for LiuGong products. LiuGong dealers now have the opportunity to become a certified and authorized Cummins Service Provider. The goal for bothLiuGong and Cummins through this partnership is to provide their joint customer base with enhanced customer service and support on a local level.

In order to attain their Certified Cummins Service Provider designation, Equipment East completed technical and warranty training through their local Cummins distributor. They now maintain a consistent Cummins parts inventory specific to engine repairs and have invested in the tools necessary to service the engines they are certified to work on.

Traditionally, a LiuGong equipment owner would need to contact their local LiuGong dealer for any warranty related service issue except those related to the engine.  When an engine repair was required during the warranty period, the customer or their LiuGong dealer would have to contact their closest Cummins distributor to perform the service.  By becoming certified, Equipment East is now able to work directly with a Cummins distributor to secure genuine Cummins parts to perform required engine maintenance or repairs, providing a new level of convenience to their customers. With this certification, Equipment East can assure customers that all LiuGong products powered by a Cummins Engine in their territory receive superior engine support right at their dealership.

“For our dealership, this certification is invaluable,” Giovanni Albanese of Equipment East said in a written statement. “It allows us to ensure that we can get our customers equipment fixed regardless of the failure as quickly as possible, thereby eliminating or minimizing downtime.  Being able to make that promise and stand behind it helps us sell LiuGong products.”