Hyundai Construction Offers Compact Radius Excavators For Confined Job Sites

Blairstown, NJ – More and more operators are realizing the versatility, comfort and productivity of Hyundai Construction’s line of Compact Radius Excavators. These state-of-the art earthmoving machines are perfect for tight, confined job sites and designed for maximum performance.

For projects requiring small excavators, the R27Z-9 and R35Z-9 zero tail swing models offer a tail-swing radius of 2.7 feet (775 mm) and 2.10 feet (870 mm) respectively. This gives users a choice for easy, efficient operation on sites where space is tight.

The 6,350 lb (2,880 Kg) R27Z-9 is powered by a reliable 24.7 hp (18.4 kW) Mitsubishi S3L2 engine. The machine has a dig depth of 6.10 feet (2,085 mm) and bucket-digging force of 4,520 lbf (20.1 kN).

The R35Z-9 zero tail swing weighs 8,050 lbs (3,650 Kg) and is powered by a 27.3 hp (20.4k) Yanmar 3TNV88, water-cooled, four-cycle engine. The R35Z-9 has a dig depth of 7.2 feet (2,190 mm) and bucket digging force 7,050 lbf (31.4 kN).

You can select rubber or steel tracks on either the R27Z-9 or the R35Z-9.

In the middle of the Hyundai compact radius lineup is the 13,010 lb (5,900 kg) R60CR-9 — and the 18,410 lb (8,350 kg) R80CR-9 compact radius models. The tail swing radius of the R60CR-9 is a tight 3.7 feet (1,080 mm), while the R80CR-9 is just 4.2 feet (1,280 mm). The large size and nimble maneuverability makes these models ideal for light construction, utility, demolition, landscaping and other applications where space is limited, but power is needed.

Both models are powered by the fuel-efficient Yanmar 4TNV98 diesel engine. This engine gives the R60CR-9 model 57 hp (42.5 kW) — and 59.6 hp (44.4 kW) for the R80CR-9. The dig depth for the R60CR-9 reaches 10.5 feet (3,160 mm). The R80CR-9 offers a dig depth of 12.5 feet (3,780 mm), making it perfect for small pipe installation and repair work.

It is a breeze to demolish asphalt and concrete walkways and curbs with these mini excavators. The bucket-digging forces range from 9,190 lbf (40.9 kN) for the R60CR-9 — to the R80CR-9’s 12,570 lbf (55.9 kN).

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Both models give you steel or rubber tracks as an option.

On the large end of the spectrum are the R145CR-9 and the R235CR-9 excavators. The 32,190 lb (14,600 kg) R145CR-9 is powered by a Mitsubishi D04FD-TAA water-cooled, four-cycle Diesel engine rated at 119 hp (89 kW). It provides a digging force of 21,300 lbf (87.3 kN) and maximum dig depth of 16.1 feet (4,890 mm). The tail swing radius of 4.10 feet (1,480 mm) makes the R145CR-9 a great fit for light excavating, utility and roadwork.

The 52,470 lb (23,800 kg) R235CR-9 is the largest of the compact radius models. Powered by a Cummins QSB6.7 engine, the R235CR-9 boasts 151 hp (113 kW) and a bucket digging force of 3,2710 lbf (133.4 kN). 

With a maximum dig depth of 19 feet (5,780 mm) and a minimal tail swing radius of just 5.6 feet (1,680 mm) the R235CR-9 provides contractors a solution for excavating or demolition in confirmed areas.

Dozer blades are optional on the R145-9 and R235-9 models.

Both R145CR-9 and R235CR-9 come standard with Hyundai’s 7-inch wide color LCD screen Cluster with toggle switch. The Cluster lets the operator choose their personal machine preferences and work modes, self diagnostics, maintenance checklists and machine security. This makes these excavators more versatile – and the operators more productive. Hyundai offers a standard rear-view camera that can be viewed from the Cluster display.

In addition to the Cluster, both models come standard with Hi-mate, Hyundai’s proprietary remote management system. This gives both operators and dealers vital information on the machine from any computer with internet access. Users can pinpoint machine locations using digital mapping, and they can set machine work boundaries, reducing the need for multiple service calls. Hi-mate saves time and money for the owner by promoting preventative maintenance and reducing machine downtime.

Hyundai 9-Series excavators offer bushings designed for extended lube intervals of 250 hours – and polymer shims to resist wear and reduce noise. You also get extended-life hydraulic filters (1,000 hours), long-life hydraulic oil (5,000 hours), along with more efficient cooling and pre-heating systems. These help extend service intervals to reduce operating costs and machine down time.

Hyundai designed all compact-radius excavators with operator comfort and convenience in mind. Features and benefits like fully adjustable seats and armrests, large foot pedals, ergonomic joysticks, large-capacity air conditioners, improved ventilation, MP3 player/AM/FM radio and water- and dust-proofing seals all add to the overall comfort.

Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas Inc. offers quality earthmoving and material-handling equipment, including hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, skid steer loaders and electric and diesel forklifts. The company also manufactures internal-combustion cushion and pneumatic forklifts.

Hyundai’s North American headquarters in Norcross, GA, along with their Elk Grove location outside Chicago, gives the company two strategically located parts depots for quick fulfillments of dealer and customer orders. 

Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), Hyundai Construction Equipment’s parent company, has instilled their philosophy – “quality before and after the sale” – throughout all divisions. HHI invests heavily in construction equipment R&D, building state-of-the-art production facilities around the world. Hyundai is ISO 9001 certified and is a perennial winner of numerous Korean construction-equipment design awards. 

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