CNH: Loader backhoe now Tier 4 Interim certified

Case-NHC B110C loader backhoeNew Holland Construction’s C Series loader backhoes, featuring Tier 4 Interim engines, improved engine response, fuel efficiency and serviceability, and an optional auto ride control, includes the B95C, B95C TC, B95C LR and B110C. The backhoe bucket breakout forces of 12,933 pound-feet lift capacities at 12 feet of 3,940 pounds.

The new C Series loader backhoes feature Tier 4 Interim emissions certified diesel engines, ranging from 95 net horsepower to 108 net horsepower. The engines leverage cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) emission technology and use a diesel particulate filter (DPF). With the CEGR system, the production of nitrogen oxides (NOx) inside the engine is reduced by lowering the combustion temperature with a partial exhaust gas recirculation system. The levels of particulate matter are then reduced by an exhaust filter system.