First female state engineer honored by Women’s Transportation Seminar

Arizona State Engineer Jennifer Toth was named Woman of the Year by the Phoenix Chapter of the Women’s Transportation Seminar after being nominated by her peers – other women who are working to build and improve transportation around the state.

Last year, Toth was appointed the first female state engineer at the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT).

“I am honored and humbled to be recognized by this dynamic group of women,” said Toth in an ADOT press release. “There are many people who have supported and influenced me and I am forever thankful to them. I can only hope I am able to give to others as they have given to me. I am very proud to be in the State Engineer position and I am honored that my colleagues have faith in my ability to lead such an important function for the state of Arizona.”

As State Engineer, Toth oversees the development, construction, maintenance and operations of nearly 7,000 miles of highways and 4,000 bridges across Arizona. Prior to this position, Toth served as the director of ADOT’s Multimodal Planning Division, where she oversaw the planning and programming activities for the state. This included Building a Quality Arizona, the Statewide Transportation Planning Framework that represents the vision for Arizona’s transportation system for the next 40 years. Toth then took the visionary work from bqAZ and led What Moves You Arizona, ADOT’s Long Range Transportation Plan that was adopted by the State Transportation Board in November.

As Woman of the Year, Toth was not only recognized for her work and leadership, but also for her dedication to mentoring both girls and women interested in pursuing careers in engineering and transportation. Toth exudes this same kind of enthusiasm and encouragement for colleagues seeking her guidance about how to advance into more challenging roles.

In December Toth was named Outstanding Person of the Year by the Tucson Chapter of the Women’s Transportation Seminar. The WTS is a national organization that works to transform the transportation industry through the advancement of women.