12 Most Embarrassing Cars of the Decade

Smart ForTwo was ranked as the most embarrassing car of the decade. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)Smart ForTwo was ranked as the most embarrassing car of the decade. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The list of the “Most Embarrassing Cars of the Last Decade” is out and my car isn’t on it!

I thought for sure my super awesome (insert  sarcasm here) Honda Odyssey mom-mobile with cracker crumbs, juice, dirt stains and other fun surprises inside would be on this list.

The car itself is pretty nice, it’s just that the inside has been destroyed and, well, it’s a minivan. But I guess I’m a little cooler than I thought. (Minivans were listed as 23 percent in terms of most embarrassing type of car to drive, according to a CarInsurance.com survey.

The Wall St. Cheat Sheet reports that CarInsurance.com asked 1,500 licensed drivers to look at photos of 12 vehicles during the last decade and asked whether the drivers would be embarrassed to be seen in them and to rank the three most “cringeworthy” of the vehicles they were shown.

The CarInsurance.com â€śCringe Score” represented the relative weight of all votes cast for a particular vehicle, based on a 1-to-10 scale, and the points given were not a percentage, according to the Wall St. Cheat Sheet report.

Here are the 12 most embarrassing cars of the decade, along with their “Cringe Score.” One of the most amusing comments on the top most embarrassing car to drive – the SmartForTwo – was, “It looks like I couldn’t afford a full-size car.”

(For more details and comments on why each of these vehicles were rated as embarrassing to drive, check out the original report from CarInsurance.com.)

Vehicle/Cringe Score

  1. Smart ForTwo: 7.6

  2. Nissan Cube: 3.6

  3. Hummer H2: 3.5

  4. Chevrolet SSR: 2.1

  5. Volkswagen New Beetle:  1.9

  6. Subaru Baja: 1.6

  7. Lincoln Town Car: 1.6

  8. Pontiac Aztek: 1.4

  9. Chrysler PT Cruiser: 1.0

  10. Honda Element: 0.9

  11. Chevrolet HHR:  0.7

  12. Nissan Murano Cabriolet: 0.3

For more details on these survey results, visit CarInsurance.com.