‘Empire State to Golden State’ nuns on Amtrak

(Photo: Amtrak)(Photo: Amtrak)

Editor’s note: This blog mentions a religious group with Sedevacantism beliefs, meaning the group does not recognize any of the popes inaugurated after Pope Pius II died in 1958.

Amtrak’s newest ad features four nuns as they begin their journey out West.

However, the Rorate Caeli blog raises questions about whether Amtrak knows that these religious women – Sister Mary Xavier Selway, Sister Mary Raphael, Sister Mary Jognes and Sister Antoinette Marie – are members of The Daughters of Mary Mother of Our Savior, which hold Sedevacantism beliefs.

I agree with the Rorate Caeli blog that the nuns in the ads are much more exciting that a boring, average person posing with luggage. (Plus, seeing a photo of nuns in full habits and dresses brings back memories of my 12 years of Catholic school).

However, I hope Amtrak is aware that the specific religious background of these sisters might be unintentionally making a statement in support of a Sedevacantism belief.