11 States with the Highest Texting-While-Driving Fines

distracted driving

Most drivers probably know by now that it’s not a great idea to text while driving. But that isn’t stopping all drivers from from using phones behind the wheel.

Each day, about 660,000 drivers in the U.S. use a phone or other electronic device while driving, Mother Jones reports.

The report also notes that 385 car crash fatalities in 2011 involved cell phone use, and 21,000 injuries from vehicular accidents in that same year were cell phone related.

So it’s no wonder many states are implementing bans on texting while driving, and several of those bans come with hefty fines for first-time offenders. (Only four states have no ban, while five states impose limited bans.)

These 11 states have a maximum fee of $200 or more for a first offense of texting while driving:

  1. 1. Alaska: $10,000
  2. 2. Utah: $750
  3. 3. Indiana: $500
  4. 4. Maine: $500
  5. 5. Oregon: $500
  6. 6. New Jersey: $400
  7. 7. Wisconsin: $400
  8. 8. New York: $243
  9. 9. North Carolina: $230
  10. 10. Hawaii: $200
  11. 11. Nebraska: $200

Check out the full list of state fees, as well as other stats about texting while driving, at Mother Jones.