Burn, Baby, Burn: Tire Inferno

tire fire

This gives burning rubber a new meaning.

Instead of striking it rich with his Great American Tire Pile of at least 42 million tires, Ed Filbin’s collection of black rubber was struck by lightning, and it burned and burned and burned.

According to a report from Cracked, authorities tried to put out the fire but didn’t have the resources.  In fact, authorities said there was only one option: wait it out. It took a solid month for the pile of tires to burn itself out, according to the report.

Ironically, a fire truck responding to the scene faced a delay because it had a flat tire.

Too bad the more than 42 million spares were on fire.

To see photos of the Great American Tire Pile in engulfed in raging flames, check out the full report at Cracked.com.