A Car That’s Out of This World

(Photo: Michael Vetter / eBay)(Photo: Michael Vetter / eBay)

After Florida native Michael Vetter posted his custom-built car to eBay for $100,000, it began creating a buzz amongst car enthusiasts and the motoring public.

Dubbed as an Extraterrestrial vehicle (ETV) for its unique appearance — a chassis that is said to resemble an alien space vehicle, according to a report in the U.K.-based news outlet The Metro — the car has doors that fold upward and has been likened to the DeLorean from “The Back to the Future” movies. (Boy, does that bring back memories!)

(Photo: Michael Vetter / eBay)(Photo: Michael Vetter / eBay)

The car is built from scratch, with a body made from fiberglass and carbon with a one-inch steel tubular custom-made chassis, according to Vetter’s eBay post.

Vetter says the drivetrain is a 2.2-liter, 4-cylinder Chevy motor with a supercharger and is “street legal.” The car has both front and rear camera systems that work simultaneously and has a completed LED color changing lighting system under the car and insider of the vents, “which creates a nice light show in the evenings,” Vetter says in his eBay post.

The doors open by wireless remote, electric buttons inside and manual handles inside, the front suspension is fully air adjustable and there also is an air tank with an onboard compressor which operates the lift system of the vehicle, Vetter says about the vehicle.

Looks like a pretty cool car, but I’m going to keep rockin’ out in my awesome Honda Odyssey. The outside of it may not look extraterrestrial, but after a road trip or toting around the kids and all their gear, the inside often looks out of this world.