Weirdest U.S. Driving Laws

(Photo: Lifehacker)(Photo: Lifehacker)

Don’t run red lights or stop signs. Stay on your side if there are double lines. These are all laws we know and hopefully abide by – but what about these crazy rules?

  • Many states have outlawed texting while driving. But California has taken it a step further and made touching your map app while driving as unlawful as texting.

  • Have you ever turned on your hazard lights in heavy rain? If you’re driving with your hazards on in Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Louisiana or Massachusetts, you could get a ticket.

  • We would have this law in my home state: It’s illegal to wear a blindfold while driving in Alabama. Maybe that should be a law everywhere.

  • If you like wearing a housecoat while driving, stay away from California – it’s illegal there.

  • Like running over pedestrians? You should visit Sarasota, Florida, because it’s only a $78 fine.

  • Whoever said police officers aren’t softies hasn’t been to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. They are required to honk their horn or flash their lights and wait three minutes before breaking up any romantic going-ons.

  • Too young to get a license? Then you’re too young to ride a skateboard in Florida.

  • If you’re going to spit out your window in Marietta, Georgia, make sure you are driving a truck and not a car or bus – or you’ll get a ticket.