Asphalt calculator apps help get the paving job done


With road building season still going strong, three apps could make paving jobs easier for highway crews and other paving professionals.

These three asphalt calculator apps for smartphones simplify the paving process by calculating how much asphalt is needed to pave a given area.

One app, called “Asphalt Calculator,” calculates the amount of cubic yards and the hot mix tonnage needed for a given job once the user inputs the length, width and thickness of the area. This app also offers an optional cost calculation feature. “Asphalt Calculator” is available for the iPhone and iPad in the App Store for $0.99.

An app called “Asphalt Calculator+” calculates volume in both cubic feet and cubic meters, as well as tons of asphalt mix required for a given job. It calculates the amount of asphalt needed based on length, width and thickness of the area, and it also determines the cost of the asphalt.

The app, which does not require connectivity for use, automatically saves the user’s inputs and allows the user to send calculations and conversions via email. Other features include retina display graphics and fast app switching. “Asphalt Calculator+” is available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad in the App Store for $0.99.

Another app, also called “Asphalt Calculator,” calculates square yards and estimated tons of hot mix required for a given job. The calculations are determined once the user inputs the length and width in feet and the thickness in inches of the rectangular area that will be paved. The app also calculates the estimated cost of the job, based on the input cost per ton of asphalt. “Asphalt Calculator” is available for Android devices in the Google Play Store for $0.99.

See the gallery below for screenshots of these apps.

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