“I’m Stuck” app allows travelers to inform elected officials about transportation problems

(Photo: via iTunes)(Photo: via iTunes)

Commuters and passengers who experience traffic jams, flight delays, poor road conditions and more can now tell their elected officials in a quick and convenient way, thanks to a new app called “I’m Stuck,” the Chicago Tribune reported.

The app, developed by transportation coalition Building America’s Future, enables users to select the specific mode of transportation and write a personal message about the problem. Then the app uses the traveler’s registration information to direct the email to the appropriate House member and two Senators.

If the user is traveling outside his or her district when reporting a problem, the app will use geolocation to identify the officials for the area.

Ed Rendell, co-chair of Building America’s Future, said he hopes the massive amounts of emails from travelers across the country will provide lawmakers with “a permission slip” to start using taxpayer money to fund transportation updates and repairs.

The “I’m Stuck” app is available free of charge for Android and Apple devices.

Please be safe–refrain from using the app while driving.