Blacklidge Emulsions, Inc. HTSS-1 HM Emulsion Trackless Tack

Blacklidge -1 HM Emulsion Trackless TackBlacklidge -1 HM Emulsion Trackless Tack


Blacklidge Emulsions’ HTSS-1 HM Emulsion Trackless Tack
is an advanced asphalt emulsion tack specially formulated to dry extremely fast into a hard and driveable coating – often in less than 10 minutes after application. Recent national studies indicate that Trackless Tack, when compared to traditional tack coats, can help contractors achieve better density with less compactive effort and improves the bonding and shear strength between two asphalt pavements.

Additionally, saving 20 minutes per crew per day can save more than $150,000 this year. In most conditions, the tack is ready to pave in less than 10 minutes. Traditional tack coats are regularly tracked away from the job site resulting in unsightly track marks. In addition, reduction of application rate between pavements can occur, which could cause poor performance in the wheel path and will lead to expensive clean up.

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