John Wayne on a little motorcycle

motor scooter

The cost of owning and operating a vehicle keeps going up.

It’s news, I suppose, but not news that will surprise you. And I’m guessing it’s not news that will change a whole lot of habits. Some, yes. The transit and bike people like these numbers, and they do show, pocketbook-wise, that transit can save you money on your work commutes and even leisure travel jaunts.

The trend will probably just keep trending.

We didn’t drive Plymouths with 18-inch tail fins back it the day because they were economical. And we did keep buying SUVS in recent years in the face of lowered gas mileage and skyrocketing gas prices.

There are studies out there on the links between auto costs and ownership, but I think there is more to it that that and there will be until the numbers gets way, way out of whack. No, it’s not just money. My pickup never has a good mpg day, but it’s my truck, man.

 Try telling John Wayne that his horse is way too expensive and that a motorcycle makes more sense, pocketbook-wise. And no, not a Harley–something light and quiet.

Tell ‘em Duke.