Don’t cry for me, cross the road now


You want to walk across the road. A car approaches. You stare into the blue eyes of Evita, uncertain. From behind those eyes comes a soft voice telling you, “Go ahead. I see you. I’m stopping, and it’s safe to cross the road.”

But the car is driverless. The eyes and the voice are computers. Thank you, MIT, for your Evita project car.

Driverless cars are mind-spinning enough, but a polite, thoughtful blue-eyed one is hard to take. On the other hand, this “driver” may be a lot nicer and a lot safer, not to mention unprogrammed for bad language and shouting, than many a human driver you dare to step out in front of everyday.

See Evita in action in the video below.

[youtube KCgIAt5t5lU nolink]