Flagman caught boozing on the job

Road Work signRoad construction zones are already unsafe enough without bringing alcohol into the mix. Yet that’s exactly what the flagman of a crew near Omena, Michigan, was recently caught doing.

According to a report from UpNorthLive.com, a truck driver passing by a road work zone on North West Bay Shore Drive on Monday called the Leelanau County Sheriff’s Office to report what he thought looked a flagman drinking on the job.

A deputy made his way out to the work zone and “quickly determined” that the flagman was drunk, according to the website’s report.

His demeanor was likely the first clue but the second one was helpful as well: the 30-year-old flagman showed the deputy a cooler next to him filled with 24 cans of beer.

The worker also admitted to drinking Schnapps which a second witness told deputies he saw the man buy from a nearby store.

Deputies said the man was immediately removed from his position by the foreman on the site. However, you’ve got to wonder how no one on working on the site saw this going on, considering that he made little attempt to cover it up keeping his stash right next to his post and that at least two passersby saw him doing it.

Somehow, no charges are being brought against the likely former flagman. Luckily, he didn’t cause any accidents or injuries.

This article was written by Wayne Grayson, Online Managing Editor of Equipment World.