Nearly half of New York roads need work

tripNearly half of New York’s locally maintained roads are in need of rehabilitation, preservation or reconstruction, according to the latest TRIP report. Almost one-third of the state’s locally maintained bridges are deficient and in need of corrective maintenance or rehabilitation. Unfortunately, the report finds that that local governments lack the funds to maintain and/or repair roads.

47 percent of the state’s roads could use work. The TRIP reports rates 15 percent of New York roads in poor condition, which means they should be repaired or replaces as soon as possible. 32 percent of the state’s roads are in need of preservation to correct adverse effects of age and wear. 34 percent of New York’s roads are rated in good condition while only 19 percent are said to be in excellent condition.

TRIP would like to see all states keep at least 75 percent of its roads in good condition.

Roads aren’t the only thing the TRIP report covers. The report also found that 31 percent of New York’s bridges are in need of corrective maintenance. Seven percent of bridges are in serious need of repair or replacement ASAP, and 24 percent are rated as deficient. Of the state’s remaining bridges, 31 percent are in good condition and 38 percent are in excellent condition.

“Having a modern system of roads and bridges in New York State must be a priority,” said Timothy Hens, president of the New York State County Highway Superintendents Association and the Highway Superintendent of Genesee County. “The TRIP report is yet another confirmation that investment in the state’s transportation infrastructure has for years been far short of what is needed. Consequently, we continue to fall further and further behind in our efforts to maintain the system, especially our local roads and bridges.”

[gtblockquote type=”right” quote_text_size=”22″ quote_text_style=”normal” quote_text_color=”#9F0226″] To improve roads and bridges, spending would have to triple.[/gtblockquote]The current amount of  spending on New York’s local roads and bridges would need to increase by 64 percent in order to keep locally maintained roads and bridges in their current condition over the next decade. In order to improve the condition of all locally maintained roads, highways and bridges to good condition or better, the current amount of annual spending over the next decade would need to nearly triple.

Unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot states can do to repair its roads and bridges without the proper funding.

“New York’s locally maintained roads will require significant rehabilitation and modernization in order to provide a high quality of life for the state’s residents and an attractive economic climate for businesses and industries,” said Will Wilkins, TRIP’s executive director. “The state’s counties and municipalities must have the funding to make the maintenance, repair and upkeep of their transportation system a top priority.”