Nevada may go to 85 mph speed limit

NevadaIs it a gamble?

Nevada may be turning 70 into 85 as legislation is introduced to raise the state’s speed limit for some roads. The bill, from State Senator Don  Gustavson, would allow the Nevada Department of Transportation to increase the maximum speed limit  to 85 mph where the agency determines that speed is safe.  And according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal  Gustavson has the numbers to get his bill passed.

On rural highways in Nevada, the top speed is 70 mph. On interstates it’s 75. Only Utah and Texas have speed limits exceeding 75 mph. In Texas, 80 mph is common, and one highway has a posted limit of 85. In Utah, 80 mph is allowed in several places. So far the Nevada DOT and the state’s governor are neutral on the proposition.