Holcim’s new weatherAPP helps you decide when to pour

LAS VEGAS–Quickly determine if the weather on your jobsite will contribute to plastic shrinkage cracking with Holcim’s weatherAPP, launched this week at World of Concrete 2013. The free app, which is available for download from the Apple or Android app stores, is also available at weatherapp.us.

The app is designed to assist ready mix customers and concrete contractors plan according to a four-day forecast of a jobsites weather conditions, and uses ACI 305 methods to determine if conditions are favorable for pouring concrete. Using a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer by city name, airport code or postal code, the app not only displays weather conditions but also calculates the evaporation rate based on wind speed, relative humidity, air temperature and concrete temperature.

Amy Materson is managing editor of Equipment World, a sister publication to Better Roads.