Road commission worker killed by motor grader

The scene of the fatal accident. | Photo: WoodTV.comThe scene of the fatal accident. | Photo:


A Kent County, Michigan, road commission worker has been killed after being hit by a motor grader at road construction site in Caledonia Township.

The victim, Timothy Eugene Dougherty, 42, was working at the site when he was struck by the grader which was being driven by another road commission employee. Authorities called the incident a “horrible accident.” Investigators say the driver of the grader didn’t see Dougherty.

Dougherty had 16 years of experience working for the road commission.

“He had such enthusiasm for his work. Whenever I came in contact with Tim, you could tell he loved his work. He loved the people he was working with,” said Steve Warren, the managing director for the Kent County Road Commission.

Unfortunately these type of accidents seem to be happening more and more. Not long ago we reported on a road construction worker suffering life-threatening injuries after being run over by an asphalt roller.

“It is work that brings a certain element of risk, working around heavy equipment, motor graders, bulldozers — but it’s one that people like Tim take a lot of pride in. It’s those values that make people like Tim so valuable to us and why we’ll miss him so much,” Warren said.

This is one of those fatal accidents that we believe could have been avoided. Work site coordination is one of our steps to avoid highway and bridge construction deaths and injuries.