Making Connections

After I posted thoughts on the Better Roads Facebook Page about the fifth Cabinet member leaving a post before President Barack Obama’s second term begins, one of our magazine’s readers began a dialogue with me.

In doing so, he referred me to a white paper, “U.S. Infrastructure: Ignore the Need or Retake the Lead?” from AECOM that he found useful. I’m posting it her as a reference for everyone who follows this blog because I think it might serve as a good reference for you.

Thank you to all our readers who are engaging in discussions via social media. I think I learn as much from all of you as I hope you do from our magazine (and other mediums). I’m glad we can stay connected.

The editors of Better Roads want you to be a part of the magazine’s brand and want to be able to connect readers together.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am the type of person who likes connecting people.

This year, Better Roads hopes to do a whole to do a whole lot more connecting. If you’ll be at any of the upcoming tradeshows during the dates that I’ll be attending the next several months– World of Concrete (Feb. 5-8), the National Asphalt Pavement Association Annual Meeting/Conference (Feb. 10-13), World of Asphalt/Agg1 (March 19-21), or the American Public Works Association Snow Conference (April 7-10), please let me know.

Let’s connect.