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Specially developed operator’s platform

Caterpillar has unveiled its very first hybrid excavator, the Cat 336EH. It is the first in an upcoming line of hybrid excavators and will be officially launched in April 2013 at the Bauma International Trade Fair in Munich, Germany. However, this isn’t an electricity/fuel hybrid like the automobile Caterpillar Untitled 1industry has segued into. Instead, Cat developed a new hydraulic hybrid technology that it says allows the new 336EH to get up to 25-percent greater fuel efficiency than the standard 336E and up to 50-percent greater fuel efficiency over the Cat 336D. Cat is using three main new components to conserve, optimize, and reuse hydraulic power (1)Electronic Standardized Programmable Pump: By matching the engine and pump closely, Cat can use a larger displacement pump and significantly reduce fuel consumption (2) Adaptive Control System: The brains of the system, this directs the flow of the energy throughout the machine; and (3) Hydraulic Hybrid Swing System: This takes otherwise wasted swing braking energy and recovers and reuses it.



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Gloves improve traction and hold

3M’s WorkGloves are made with the manufacturer’s proprietary Gripping Material, which is said to provide up to a 270-percent improvement in friction when used as a two-part system, which mates the gloves with tools or piece of equipment wrapped with 3M Gripping Material tape, improving friction over traditional leather gloves and wraps. 3M says the gloves are especially good for wet or oily conditions and helps to enhance traction and hold on tools and pieces of equipment. The gloves are also resistant to abrasion and punctures.



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Largest rigid dump with advanced AC drive

Hitachi Construction Machinery’s EH5000AC-3 rigid dump truck – the manufacturer’s largest – has 2,850 horsepower and meets U.S. EPA Tier 2 emission requirements. Powered by a Cummins QSKTTA60-CE diesel engine, Target Gross Machine Operating Weight (TGMOW) is 1,102,311 pounds and net machine weight is 449,743 pounds. The truck features the Advanced Hitachi AC Drive System, the third-generation Hitachi Drive Control System with slip control for traction and slide control for grip; a pitching prevention for a smooth ride; a Slip Angle Control for stable cornering; an advanced braking system; and a Hitachi system monitor with onboard systems and controls information.



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Compact crane for limited space

Badger Equipment’s 15 ton cab-down CD4415 rough-terrain crane is a compact model,just about 11 feet tall, making it ideal for jobs with limited space. The low-profile, high-capacity unit has a 15-ton rated capacity and a 10-foot working radius. Maximum boom length is 62.5 feet and maximum tip height is 85.5 feet. The boom is hydraulic-actuated in three sections with a minimum boom elevation of zero degrees and maximum of 70 degrees. The main hoist has grooved drum storage capacity. The hoist single-speed is standard. Hoist speed without load in fifth layer (low range/high range) is 242 fpm Hoist speed without load in the first layer (low range/high range) is 169 fpm.




Cool mobile generators

Doosan Portable Power’s Tundra Package is designed specifically for its mobile generators to ensure they will run in temperatures as low as minus 40ºC/minus 40ºF. An engine coolant heater keeps the engine and cooling system warm, resulting in quicker starting time and less battery grind. An oil pan heater keeps the engine oil less viscous. High-capacity cranking batteries are equipped with a heating element to prevent the electrolyte from freezing, and to ensure that the battery does not lose charge in subzero conditions. A heated breather hose designed to prevent crankcase vapors from freezing in cold temperatures and blocking the breather, is powered directly from the generator and requires no external




More material density, fewer passes

Volvo Construction Equipment’s SD75 soil compactor is a highly maneuverable, mid-sized machine. The soil compactor provides greater material density in fewer passes. High centrifugal forces, high frequency and drum weight all combine to produce the energy necessary for excellent compaction and high machine productivity, according to the company. Dynamic drum forces can be adapted to suit a wide range of terrain or depth of material. High or low amplitudes are selectable from the operator control panel. Additionally, two drum frequencies can be chosen with a console switch to compensate for changing soil types and conditions and an optional five-frequency feature further boosts the machine’s versatility and performance. A center joint provides +/-38 degrees of articulation and +/-17 degrees of drum oscillation for stable, flexible machine performance and greater operator comfort over rough terrain. Because the 66-inch-wide drum remains in constant contact with the ground surface, compaction is both smooth and uniform.



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Flush manhole covers milling

Dynapac’s PL350TD compact planer is equipped with a Cummins B 3.3 engine and 60 horsepower motor. It mills 13.8 inches wide to a depth of 3.9 inches with a cutting diameter of 20.5 inches and is suited for milling of joints, flush cutting, removing road markings and other jobs where defective asphalt or concrete surfaces are cut. The PL350TD is specifically designed for flush milling of manhole covers, but with both a left and right steering angle of 75 degrees and a 3.9-inch milling radius, it is also easy to maneuver in narrow construction sites. The automatic mode for the conveyor belt and water spray bar is activated during milling and turned off when the milling stops. The front ballast is easily removable with a forklift. The right rear chassis leg also can be folded for flush cutting along curbs or buildings. The compact planer can also be used for groove milling with a cutting wheel.www.




Electable power and work modes

Doosan has updated its DX225LC-3 and DX255LC-3 excavators with a Tier 4 interim-compliant engine as well as electable power modes and work modes. Both excavators are powered by a turbocharged 6-cylinder Doosan DL06K water-cooled diesel engine. The engine on the DX225LC-3 produces 167 horsepower while the DX255LC-3’s engine produces 185 horsepower. Both machines feature an electronic power optimizing system (EPOS) with four power modes to match power and fuel consumption to the job at hand.



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Much more tractive effort

Terex Aerial Work Platforms’ (AWP) Genie Z45/25 RT rough-terrain articulating boom lift features an updated drive system producing 24-percent more tractive effort than the previous model and provides true four-wheel drive and four-wheel braking. The redesigned 45-foot boom is available to the ANSI market. The CE version of this newly designed model is slated for production in Italy in mid-2013. The boom lift has a maximum working height of 51 feet, 10 inches and an up-and-over clearance of 23 feet, 5 inches. It has a 500-pound lift capacity and the overall weight has been reduced by up to 1,100 pounds for jib models and 575 pounds for non-jib models. Beginning in April, the Z-45/25 RT will be offered with new Tier 4 Final compliant engines from Deutz or Perkins, for applicable regions.



K K Systems Untitled 1K&K SYSTEMS

Only one person needed

K&K Systems’ versatile 360-degree rotating arrow board (model AT154896WT)provides maximum visibility in all traffic conditions. Available in a 15- or 25-amp (7- or 12-mode) configuration, the arrow board’s lightweight design makes it easy for one person to set up, operate, and maintain. It comes equipped with four side winding jacks, lockable cabinets, removable tongue, photocell for auto dimming, solar power and LED technology, and 360-degree telescopic mast. NTPEP tested and meets MUTCD standards.





Cranes through doorways

Maeda mini-cranes – they can fit through doorways – provide up to 67.9-feet of lift height with up to 10,800 pounds of lift capacity and are ASME and EPA compliant. Standard features include fully automatic five-section booms, 360-degree swing, hydraulic disc winch brakes and programmable Moment Limiter Safety System. Four models are available, walk-behind and ride-on mini-crawler cranes and a compact telescoping boom crane unit with cab. All models are self-propelled with diesel or gas engines standard and optional electric or LPG power. The smallest MC285-2 model is 30 inches wide in the travel position and lifts up to 6,210 pounds to 28.5 feet. The LC785 compact crane with cab has a 66.4-foot maximum lift height with boom and optional jib. Two other models – MC305-2 and MC405 – fill out the line and are ride-along mini-crawler cranes.



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The next generation

Cimline’s Generation IV is comprised of the best features of three models combined into the Magma crack sealer – now available as the new Generation IV. Available in three sizes – 150, 230 and 410 gallon – the new low-profile model incorporates operator features for efficient crack sealing. The AutoStart keeps an operator informed of ready-to-seal status with three green lights. Hose technology has been addressed with an efficient carrier to reduce operator fatigue. Operators work safer and more efficiently when they are farther from the machine due to the Magma’s boom placement. An expanded work zone is created and more square feet of coverage is provided. Heated and non-heated hoses are available as well as a dual hose option for maximum performance.