22 states represented at transportation advocacy workshop

22 states participated in the inaugural “National Workshop for State and Local Transportation Advocates,” held at the Washington Court Hotel. In addition to state representatives, the workshop also attracted transportation construction executives and “better roads and transportation” professionals.

The purpose of the workshop is to build coalitions and develop strong relationships with governor, state legislators and public agency officials. The common goal is to create a communications plan that delivers messages to the public about the value of infrastructure improvement.

During the workshop ARTBA Chief Economist Dr. Alison Premo Black highlighted trends in state transportation investment initiatives since 2000.  Public affairs executives and policy shapers detailed “what worked” and “lessons learned” on legislative proposals in Virginia and Pennsylvania, and ballot initiatives in Georgia and Arkansas.

Meanwhile Oregon State Senator Bruce Starr offered participants advice on how to make transportation investment a top priority for elected officials.

Towards the end of the workshop ARTBA Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer Bill Toohey announced the launch of a Transportation Investment Advocates Council. It will create a network of advocates throughout the country to share experiences and best practices.black