Teen flips car in first 50 feet of first driving lesson

car-rolling-overMy family and friends often tease me about my driving. Some say I drive too fast, and I’ve been known to hit a curb or two. I wasn’t the best at parallel parking (that is until I moved to Chicago after college, but I can now hold my own!)

Others tease me because back in a high school a deer jumped into the side of my car. (Yes, it’s true. I didn’t hit the deer. It rammed into the side of my car, left a big dent and then ran away.) Some just tease me because I don’t have the greatest sense of direction and it can come out in my driving – i.e. finding lots of places to turn around. (Thank goodness now for GPS!)

However, if anyone makes a comment again, I’ll be sure to show that person the story of a 16-year-old who managed to flip the car within 50 feet of starting her first driver’s lesson, according to a Good Morning America report.

The teen driver was making a right turn at a stop sign but did not straighten out the wheel after the turn, according to the report. This caused the car to slowly approach a nearby tree, and the right front tire rode up the tree before the car flipped over.

A police officer who responded to the accident noted in the GMA report that the passenger in the teen’s car said the incident was like slow motion because they rolled up to a tree, stopped for a second because they were not traveling at a high speed, and then the car just rolled over.

I can say for certain that I’ve never driven up the side of a tree.