Cardinal Scale releases Pathway mobile app for truck weighing

Pathway-Mobile-App[1]Cardinal Scale has released a new mobile app that allows truck drivers to remain inside the cab while weighing the truck.

Designed to provide all standard truck scale ID storage functions, the Pathway mobile app uses NTEP 825 Spectrum indicator’s weight display. The 825 indicator’s remote keyboard and display are placed in the cab of the truck, allowing the driver to operate standard ID storage via Wi-Fi.

When using the app, the driver pulls onto the scale, and the app self-prompts through four customizable IDs — such as truck number, product type, customer, job number and more — that are set up during configuration.

The app automatically records the legal-for-trade indicator’s onboard memory, which can be emailed, printed or stored for later retrieval via USB memory stick or Ethernet.

The app is available for Android and Apple mobile devices. A wireless network or Wi-Fi connectivity is required for use.