Decision Lens launches updated platform

Users can look at different options with the side-by-side scenario comparison feature.Users can look at different options with the side-by-side scenario comparison feature.

Decision Lens has launched an platform update that provides deeper analytics and a more powerful resource allocation solution, compared to the previous version.

The program is designed to help agencies objectively decide how to allocate funding. Agencies across the nation, including the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) and the New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT), use the platform to prioritize projects.

The latest update adds features including side-by-side scenario comparisons that show which projects would be always funded, never funded and sometimes funded in specific situations; a resource balancer that prioritizes resources and offers advanced analytical outputs; multi-time period resource optimization that include what-if analysis; and several enhancements designed to improve ease of use.

A bubble chart shows how projects are prioritized.A bubble chart shows how projects are prioritized.

John Saaty, chief marketing officer with Decision Lens, told Better Roads the platform allows users to set resource constraints and save scenarios, which could be useful when developing a multi-year capital plan.

“[Users can] suggest a schedule to get the maximum value while staying in their constraints,” Saaty said.

The program automatically prioritizes projects based on resource constraints and value. However, Saaty added, the program also includes a manual planning function, which ignores project values and allows the user to manually prioritize specific projects.

Other features include a map view that allows users to see their projects where they would be if implemented, as well as a bubble chart that shows how projects are prioritized.