Bergkamp’s Variable Width Spreader Box offers flexibility in micro surfacing applications

Bergkamp.Variable Width SB

Bergkamp has released its Variable Width Spreader Box (VSB), which is designed to offer flexibility in micro surfacing work.

Avaialble in 8- to 13-foot, 9- to 14-foot and 10- to 15-foot models, the VSB eliminates construction joints with its ability to expand and contract while paving. An optional 16-foot width is also available.

The unit has four augurs: two to feed the material to the center of the box, and two to evenly distribute the mix during placement.

The VSB connects to the paver’s hydraulic system and adjusts when the operator uses the levers located on the handrails of the box. The fully expandable, hydraulically driven ribbon augers have a 12-inch pitch, while the primary and secondary strike-offs can slide within a guide tube when the box expands or contracts during paving.

The unit is designed to fit Bergkamp pavers but can be customized for other brands.