New York Transportation Commissioner McDonald: Transportation is ‘sustainability issue,’ ‘economic development issue’

Joan McDonaldJoan McDonald

What is the best way to get people interested in transportation infrastructure?

New York Transportation Commissioner Joan McDonald says the answer lies in showing them transportation is about more than just transportation.

During a forum on congestion pricing, McDonald explained that getting more people to pay attention to transportation issues is to show them that transportation affects other things that matter to them, according to a report from Capital.

“Our mission is to make the case that it’s not just a transportation issue; it is a sustainability issue and it is an economic development issue,” McDonald said.

McDonald said the New York State Department of Transportation is currently using “low-cost mechanisms” to stop transportation infrastructure in the state from deteriorating, Capital reports. She added that the state is working to develop a five-year plan for long-term investments.

“I think one of the important things that’s being done in the transportation conversation is linking it to economic development, McDonald said, “How does this disinvestment in roads and bridges contribute to congestion, what is it doing to businesses in the state.”