3 Tips for Getting Back on Track with Your 2014 Goals

New-Years-ResolutionIs your New Year’s resolution already a distant memory?

Maybe you made work-related goals that have proven to be too much to handle. Or perhaps your goal was personal but you’ve just gotten off track.

Our sister site Total Landscape Care suggests that New Year’s Resolutions may be too hard to keep because they are too challenging and that the solution may be “to ditch the New Year’s mentality.”

Total Landscape Care offers these three tips for getting back on track:

1. Organize. Develop a system that allows you to obtain whatever you need at any time, boosting productivity and your peace of mind.
2. Be realistic. Rather than setting one large and possibly unattainable goal for the year, create several short-term goals that can help you achieve your long-term goal.
3. Forget January 1. Throw out the idea that you can only set goals at the start of the year. Instead, set goals at the start of each month. Setting small weekly and daily goals can help you achieve those monthly goals. Be sure to set mental and calendar reminders to help keep you on track.

When working toward your goals, remember that one setback doesn’t equal total failure. It’s part of the learning process and could even help you when you set future goals.