‘2014 State of the State’ database highlights infrastructure talks in governors’ speeches


Building America’s Future Educational Fund today announced the launch of its “2014 State of the State” infrastructure database.

The web-based collection highlights mentions of infrastructure in governors’ 2014 State of the State addresses.

BAF Educational Fund President Marcia Hale said the database is important because of governors’ influence on transportation infrastructure.

“We’ve seen for years that when Governors and local legislators present a transportation plan to constituents on the ballot, voters overwhelmingly approve,” Hale said. “Most of the time decisions about roads and bridges, ports and airports are made on the state and local level. That is why, for the third year in a row, we’re tracking what Governors are saying about important infrastructure projects in their State of the State addresses.”

“As the Highway Trust Fund approaches insolvency and the Surface Transportation Bill needs to be reauthorized, we certainly hope to see more leadership out of Washington,” Hale added. “But when it comes to taking action on our long-term infrastructure needs, we know we can count on Governors.”

Hale noted that BAF Educational Fund will update the database each day.

To view the database, visit bafuture.org/2014StateSpeeches.