Bergkamp introduces Spray Injection Patcher pothole patching solutions


Bergkamp has introduced its SP5, SP8 and SPT Spray Injection Patcher pothole patching solutions, which are designed to be quick, safe and economical options.

The truck-mounted SP5 and SP8 Spray Injection Patchers feature a dual chamber (60/40) aggregate hopper that allows for distribution of two grades of aggregate, as well as an automatic operation option that allows for in-cab operations in addition to on-ground manual operations.


The trailer-mounted SPT comes standard with manual operations.

A front-mounted boom provides a working radius of up to 13 feet on the SP5 and SP8 patchers.

The units are offered with an optional truck chassis or can be custom-mounted to an existing conventional or cab-over chassis, and the boom can be mounted as a manual working boom to an existing truck or can be added as a cab-over configuration.

The Spray Injection Patchers are compatible with Bergkamp’s InPave Pothole Patching Management System.