Top 5 Cities for Electric Cars

0826 Blog Electric CarSome of the cities on this list are probably obvious, but I was surprised about a few of the cities on this “Top 5” list from Clean Technica.

Here are the five cities where you’re most likely to see someone charging up their car:

  1. Los Angeles, California

  2. San Francisco, California

  3. New York City

  4. Seattle, Washington

  5. Atlanta, Georgia

It seems California would have at least one of the top spots, considering how many charging stations are available around the state – so the state holding two spots is expected. California also offers $2,500 incentives for buying electric.

The one city that especially doesn’t seem to fit in with others is Atlanta. Not only am I not a fan of this city – I guess having your car broken into there can do it to you – I guess I still consider it part of the South. And the South ain’t known for no plug-in cars.

New York is a bit of a shocker, too, only because I didn’t think anyone actually owned cars there. I’m sure the fact that it is the largest city in the United States weighs in its favor with this rating, too. Now if the taxis were going electric, this would put NYC at No. 1 on every list.

How often do you see electric cars on the road?