One Stop Shopping: AASHTO’s guide to state transportation funding initiatives


Which state is doing what to fund transportation infrastructure projects?

It can be hard keeping up as almost every states tries to find new money in hard times with increasing pressure from the infrastructure itself, whether it is simply aging or just not doing the job.

Since December 2012, 30 states have proposed funding initiatives to repair, replace or build a wide range of transportation projects including roads, bridges, railways and bicycle and pedestrian trails.

AASHTO has conveniently put them all in one comprehensive list called “Examination of Recent State Transportation Funding Proposals.” The data also includes, where it is available, information on state transportation funding needs and estimates of how much revenue may be generated. This resource will be updated biweekly.

The value here is not just in convenience.

As states struggle to find ways to fund transportation infrastructure, imagination and innovation work side-by-side with number-crunching and pragmatic budget management. Knowing what other states are doing can be a major asset if your job is to find funds in your state.