Volvo unveils P7110 paver at World of Asphalt


Volvo unveiled its P7110 paver at World of Asphalt today, though the machine is still in its pre-production stage. Volvo will begin production of this paver April 1.

The P7110 belongs to the P7000 series of pavers, which replaces the PF6000 series. A Volvo spokesperson said Volvo’s focus when creating the pavers was on operator interface and visibility.

This paver, powered by a Tier 4i Volvo engine, has a 10-foot width, a maximum paving width of 26 feet, a paving depth of 0.25 inches to 12 inches, a hopper length of 6.73 feet, an inside hopper length of 10.58 feet and a 16.5-inch auger diameter.

The P7110, the largest of Volvo’s pavers, features many changes from its predecessor, including:

  • platform appearance
  • color-coded control panels
  • backlit switches
  • grouped controls
  • slide-out and pivoting seats
  • repositioned armrest
  • increased horsepower
  • low deck
  • railing along the platform
  • 12-hour run time

The P7110 also includes hydraulics that allow for high ambiance and high altitude.

Watch the video below for more information about this new paver.

[youtube bCwSCrG5_Yk nolink]