Nebraska releases 2013 Surface Transportation Program

Nebraska Department of Roads’ Director Monty Fredrickson, on July 9 released the state’s fiscal year 2013 Surface Transportation Program.

The 2013 State Highway System program is published at $372 million and is funded from state and federal highway user taxes and fees. The Local System program for city streets and county roads totals $78 million and is funded with state, federal and local highway user revenues.

A total of 142 new projects will be let to contract on the State Highway System during fiscal year 2013 (July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013). Projects throughout the state will range in size from small lighting, traffic signals, installing cameras, intersection and turn lane improvements and joint and crack sealing to large widening, surfacing, milling and resurfacing projects, Missouri River and high-priority bridge projects, including bridge repairs and rehabilitation, and continuations of maintaining and preserving the interstate system.

Some of the larger projects include resurfacing 6.8 miles of US Highway 75 and Nebraska Highway 2 south of Nebraska City; bridge repair and redeck on US Highway 275 over
the stockyards and Union Pacific Railroad in Omaha; grading and concrete paving 3.4 miles of 4-lane Nebraska Highway 35 in Norfolk; milling and resurfacing on Interstate 80 from west of Henderson east to Waco; concrete paving and bridge repair on Interstate 80 west of Sidney; concrete repair, milling and resurfacing on Interstate 80 east of North Platte; resurfacing and bridge deck overlay on Nebraska Highway 89 east to Danbury; and milling and resurfacing on US Highway 20 from Wood Lake to Johnstown.

The 2013-2018 Nebraska Surface Transportation Program is available at