Alternative to portable traffic light signals

Holase3Used in a variety of traffic situations as an alternative to portable traffic light signals, the Ultra-Portable Traffic Management System (UPTMS) form Holase Inc. is a compact, self-contained, battery-powered traffic signal that is easy to set up.

Programmed with a wireless remote control (included) or a computer, the UPTMS (patent pending) continuously monitors and reconfigures itself if it detects unauthorized change. It can be stored in a duffle bag and fits easily within a vehicle for easy access and immediate deployment. The product is 2009 MUTCD compliant.

Features include 12 inch lens light panels with removable visors and automatic adjustable brightness. Included is a telescoping stand with integrated battery pack. With configurable traffic patterns, such as full pattern and directional arrows, the UPTMS has programmable light timing cycles with operating and monitoring distances of 1000 feet (there is a 3 mile option). It is also available with an optional solar panel.