HEM Intros SFP1800 Concrete Paver for Wider Thin-Overlay Projects

Jordanne Waldschmidt Headshot
Updated Apr 8, 2024
HEM SFP1800 Overlay Paver

HEM has expanded its lineup of thin and ultra-thin overlay concrete pavers with the new SFP1800.

Designed for bridge deck overlays, patch and repair and whitetopping projects, the SFP1800 has a standard paving width of 10 feet. By adding or removing extension kits, it can adjust to widths up to 18 feet. The pan can also be reduced to an 8-foot width.

It can be used to overlay ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC), polyester, polymer concrete or synthetic reinforced concrete.

The SFP1800 comes standard with rubber tracks for easy movement around the jobsite. It can also be fitted with steel crawler tracks and a traditional paving package, including a longer pan, internal vibrators, and a larger auger for PCC projects slip-formed up to 8 inches deep or for fill-in or formed paving to deeper depths.

The 18,500-pound paver is powered by a 118-horsepower engine. It comes equipped with a direct-hydraulic drive with proportional controls for speed variability. The maximum speed is 30 feet per minute. Automatic or manual steering is available on both sides of the paver.  

HEM offers a full line of concrete paving equipment, including grade trimmers, placers, placer-spreaders, pavers, and joint sawing equipment.