Vögele to Unveil Next-Generation Pavers at Bauma

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Vogele 5th generation asphalt paver smoke covers all but top of paver number 5 in background
Vögele to debut generation 5 asphalt pavers at Bauma.

Vögele plans to roll out its next generation of asphalt pavers at the Bauma 2022 show in October.

The company’s new Dash 5 pavers include the Super 1900-5(i) and Super 2100-5(i) highway-class models.

The company will also display its latest fixed-width and extending screeds.

Vögele is keeping details of the new pavers secret until the show, to be held October 24-28 in Munich, Germany. But it hints that the machines will have flexible, modular designs for easier use and to save on costs. Increased automated functions are also on tap as well as more features to reduce environmental impact.

The company says the new models will be easier for paving crews to handle and operate as well as improve safety. The Vögele models will also have a quicker setup time.

Vögele is focusing on other improvements as well, such as reducing noise and fuel consumption while maintaining the same level of performance.


Vögele plans to display an array of its latest screeds at Bauma.

Its fixed-width screeds are designed for high quality pavements due to their stiffness. Widths can be set from as narrow as 4 feet and as wide as 59 feet.

Customers can choose various features, such as vibration compaction, additional tamper and high-compaction.

Vögele has also developed a hydraulic tamper stroke adjuster. This does away with having to adjust the tamper stroke manually, which can be time consuming. With the hydraulic adjuster, operators can press a button to set the tamper stroke.

Vögele says its hydraulically actuated impulse pressure bars achieve up to 98% compaction on the binder layer without rollers.

The company will also roll out its extending screeds, which are designed for handling jobs with a variety of paving widths and uneven road surfaces.