Cat Debuts its Most Powerful Road Reclaimers, the RM600 & RM800

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Updated May 22, 2023
Cat RM800 Reclaimer Stabilizer stabilizing road bed
Cat's new RM800 Reclaimer Stabilizer

Caterpillar has launched its two most powerful reclaimer-stabilizers for full-depth road reclamation and soil stabilization.

The RM600 and RM800 can perform full-depth reclamation of old roads by pulverizing the asphalt layer and mixing it with the underlying base to stabilize deteriorated roads. The machines can cut 96 inches wide and 20 inches deep, using Cat cold planer rotor system components.

The reclaimers can also add asphalt emulsions or other binding agents during pulverization or during a separate mix pass. Water and emulsion spray systems are available, providing 8 to 500 gallons per minute of water flow and 8 to 225 gpm of emulsion. “The operator controls additive flow and customizes spray width from inside the cab,” Cat says.

The RM600 weighs in at a max 79,397 pounds, and the RM800 has a max operating weight of 75,722 pounds.

Both get significantly more power than the RM500B’s 546 horsepower. They run on Cat C18 turbocharged engines, with the RM600 at 636 horsepower and the RM800 at 762 horsepower.

They feature a new adjustable height design that can perform cross-slope cutting. They can also flush cut on the right side, thanks to the belt-drive rotor system. The rotors are made of abrasion-resistant, high-strength alloys and can be configured with bolt-on paddle toolholder protection for full-depth reclamation or wedge protection to reduce drag during soil stabilization, Cat says.

Cat RM600 Reclaimer Stabilizer on dirt road bedCat's new RM600 Reclaimer StabilizerCaterpillarThe reclaimers boast a 10.1-foot inside turning radius and four steering modes: front only, rear only, crab and coordinated. They can provide up to 8 degrees of slope on either side when working on uneven terrain or to maintain traction in challenging soil stabilization conditions, the company says. Electronically controlled all-wheel drive is standard.

The cab can slide hydraulically left and right so the operator can get better views of the front and sides of the machine. For further visibility ahead and to the cutting edge, the cab has floor-to-ceiling glass and an angle pane on the right side.

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The cab is equipped with a 10-inch touchscreen and is pressurized. Controls are grouped by function for quick and easy access, and a small handwheel provides precise steering, Cat says.

The new models come with standard rear- and front-mounted cameras. Side-mount cameras are optional.

A standard compressed air system can power pneumatic tools while locking out machine functions for changing the rotor bits. The rotor can be hydraulically powered to turn in either direction using a control pendant.

Cat has extended service intervals to 500 hours for engine oil, 6,000 hours for hydraulic oil and 12,000 hours for coolant. Checkpoints have been centrally located on a secure platform.

Owners and dealers can also keep up with machine data, location and preventive maintenance with Cat’s Product Link telematics. Dealers can diagnose problems remotely with Remote Troubleshoot and update machine software with Remote Flash.