Hyundai developing an exoskeleton to give wearers Iron Man-like strength

Updated Jun 23, 2016

While Hyundai’s robotic “Iron Man” exoskeleton won’t allow the workers it’s being designed for to take flight through rockets on the soles of the suit’s metal feet, it will drastically increase their strength.

Detailed in a blog post and translated by the fine people at Mashable, Hyundai makes several mentions of Marvel’s Armored Avenger, pointing to Iron Man as the company’s inspiration.

20160509-Hyundai-Wearable-Robot-07The exoskeleton is designed for manufacturing and trades workers whose lives could be made much easier with a dash of super strength. According to the Mashable report, Hyundai says the suit gives workers the ability to lift “hundreds of kilograms,” or as much as 600 pounds.

And while the suit makes the wearer both stronger and safer while on the job, it only weights about 110 pounds, allowing quick movement over long distances.

Beyond workplace applications, the suit is being developed for defense uses,  to allow paraplegics to walk again and to grant the elderly more mobility.

No word yet on when Hyundai is planning on releasing the suit.