Sixty of today’s diesels cleaner than one 1988 model

That’s an interesting nugget in a larger report out today about the effectiveness of the 2007-2008 clean diesel engines for trucks and buses. The report also states that today’s truck and bus diesels have cut most emissions by 90 percent compared with 2004 models and that these reductions “exceeded substantially even those levels required by law.”

Monday, will mark the 40th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing. Various pundits are decrying the fact that America has lost it’s gumption in the intervening years, but I think the criticism is mistaken. Sure it took a lot of brass to climb aboard those big tin cans and blast off into the void. But the greater marvel was the collective will and engineering moxie that made it all happen. And as the clean diesel report shows, America still has the engineering prowess to take on the impossible.