RunWise Hybrid Drive System reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions

Parker Hannifin’s RunWise Advanced Series Hybrid Drive system for Class 8 refuse vehicles features hydrostatic drive and brake energy recovery capabilities that reduce fuel consumption, carbon emissions and brake wear.

RunWise replaces a refuse truck’s conventional drive train with a combination of features of the hydrostatic drive and mechanical drive systems. Break energy recovery technology captures 70 percent of the vehicle’s braking energy and reuses the energy while operating.

The RunWise system shows a 30- to 50-percent reduction in fuel consumption, which reduces CO2 emissions. RunWise reduces brake wear through the absorption and storage of energy and allows rear tires to run cooler for longer life.

RunWise features a cradle design for packaging mechanical, hydraulic and electrical components. RunWise houses all major hydraulic subsystems and simplifies OEM truck assembly with minimal electrical, driveshaft and cooling system hookups.