Outfit your heavy-duty fleet: $300 million available for retrofits

With the signing of last week’s Economic Recovery Act, President Obama has made $300 million available to heavy-duty equipment and vehicle owners for retrofitting their fleets. The funds – which have swelled to six times last year’s amount – will be administered by the EPA, as part of the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act.

Funding is available for both on- and off-road projects, as long as the equipment or vehicle requires: rebuilding of the engine, repowering, replacing, refueling with cleaner fuels OR retrofitting with verified emissions control technologies. According to the Diesel Technology Forum, private sector applicants cannot apply directly, but may be eligible through partnerships with state and/or local governments, or a non-governmental organization.

The clincher: eligible applicants must file with EPA’s DERA program within 30 days. Tips for producing a competitive retrofit proposal are available by clicking here.