Product Focus: Light towers and gen sets

Moonlight wherever you work
The Moonlight glare-free lighting systems from Multiquip don’t require a fan to maintain air in the balloon. The balloon portion inflates in seconds and a simple plug maintains air pressure and protects the light. Eliminating the need for a fan extends the light’s life since debris is not blown into the unit. The Moonlights rise to a maximum height of 10 feet and are available in 150-, 400- and 1,000-watt outputs, effectively illuminating areas up to 100 feet from the light source. Bulbs last up to 10,000 hours.

Generator line has up to 2,000 kilowatts of power
Baldor Electric’s generator line includes several different types: industrial portables (1 to 11 kilowatts); towables (20 to 250 kilowatts); automatic emergency standby gaseous (8 to 25 kilowatts); and prime power, emergency standby and load shedding and peak shaving units (20 to 2,000 kilowatts). The towable units are designed for industrial, commercial and rental applications where portable power is a necessity.

Generators available immediately
Triton Generators has a large stock of new and reconditioned diesel-fueled industrial generators as well as rental-grade generators. Same-day shipments can be arranged in select areas. The company offers several types of generators, including enclosed or open, single or three phase and 50 or 60 hertz, in a variety of voltages. Available engines include Cummins, Perkins, John Deere, Mitsubishi and Volvo.

Light towers have 15- and 20-kilowatt generators
Allmand Maxi-Light 15330 and 20330 portable light towers are designed with 15- and 20-kilowatt generators. They deliver enough energy for temporary work trailers, pumps or additional lighting and power a variety of auxiliary equipment. Both models have a galvanized steel tower, providing durability and corrosion protection. If the galvanized surface is scratched, the coating will expand to protect the damaged area from corrosion.

Generators weigh 33 percent less
The i-Pro generators from Honda Power Equipment extend inverter technology to higher-output models. The units capitalize on the following inverter advantages: a clean, stable sine wave for sensitive electronics; a 33-percent reduction in size and weight compared to previous models; and the EcoThrottle load-dependent throttle system for reduced noise and emissions with up to a 30-percent increase in fuel economy. The models also offer 120/240 dual voltage with a selector switch.

Godwin Pumps offers generators, light towers
A new line of Godwin Power generators and Godwin Lights light towers now complements the company’s pump fleet. From 20 to 350 kilowatts, the diesel-powered, portable generators feature a programmable control panel that monitors, protects and controls engine and generator operations. The light tower models illuminate 5 to 7 acres.

Skidbases contain spills, protect fuel tank
The footprint on Ingersoll Rand’s PowerSource mobile generator line has been reduced up to 30 percent from some previous models. The generators, ranging from 10 to 125 kilovolts, are lighter than their predecessors and have low noise signatures. They feature environmental skidbases that contain all generator fluids. Should fluid collect in the basin, a warning indicator immediately alerts operators. A 24-hour fuel tank is mounted within the containment basin, providing double wall protection for the fuel system.

Larger fuel tank allows extended work day
Winco’s WC12000HE generator is powered by a 20-horsepower Honda engine with electric start and low oil protection, which automatically stops the engine if the crankcase oil is low. It has a continuous output of 10.8 kilowatts with a 12-kilowatt surge. The unit’s Conserv-R automatic idle control reduces fuel consumption and engine wear. Now fitted with a larger 15-gallon fuel tank, the generator will run for nine hours at full load or 15 hours at half load, allowing a crew to work an entire day without refueling. An all-terrain, four-wheel dolly kit and lifting eye are now standard.

Overhead-cam engines power new generator line
Subaru Robin has introduced a new line of compact gasoline generators powered by its EX series overhead-cam engines. The models include the RGX2900, RGX3600, RGX4800 and RGX4800E, offering maximum outputs ranging from 2,900 to 4,800 watts. Due to the compact design of the EX engine, the generators are lighter and smaller than previous models. All RGX generators include a standard anti-icing feature, which draws air warmed by the engine into a tube and redirects it to the air intake. In extreme cold weather conditions, the warm air inhibits ice buildup on the air intake and helps prevent the generator from shutting down when it’s needed most.

GFCI sensor offers protection no matter which receptacle is used
The seven-model Wacker generator line ranges in power from 3,800 to 6,600 watts and has a central ground fault circuit interrupter system for all receptacles. The GFCI sensor offers protection to operators no matter which receptacle is used by monitoring all outlets for current leakage and tripping the main circuit breaker if it occurs. The sensor only monitors current, eliminating the possibility of damage from over-current. (Conventional ground fault circuit interrupter-protected generators use small auxiliary breakers built into each 120-volt duplex receptacle that can be damaged by over-current or repeated tripping.)

Simultaneous delivery of single-and three-phase outputs
The Terex line of Super Quiet Power Generators includes 13 models with prime power outputs from 20 to 223 kilowatts. The units simultaneously deliver both single- and three-phase outputs; the three-phase outputs are available in 208-, 220-, 240-, 416-, 440-, 480- and optional 600-volt AC supplies while single-phase outputs of 120-, 127-, 139- 240-, 254- and 277-volts AC are standard. The power side of the control panel includes a main breaker, two GFCI duplex receptacles and two or three Tempower Twistlock receptacles, depending on the model.

Airstar enters light tower market
The Sirocco EK HTI glare-free light by Airstar is specifically designed to replace traditional floodlights on a light tower. The Sirocco can be adapted to your existing tower and will illuminate 72,000 square feet with 300,000 lumens. The company is also working with several light tower manufacturers to develop a unit that will interchange with a tower’s existing head, offering customers the ability to use both traditional lights and Sirocco lights on the same tower.

Rotate mast 360 degrees
Magnum Product’s three-model light tower line offers a 30-foot steel mast, four 1,000-watt metal halide lights and a four-point outrigger stance that can withstand 65-mph-plus winds. The four-stroke diesel engine has a low oil/high temperature automatic shutdown. The mast can be rotated 360 degrees and the units offer 120- and 240-volt convenience outlets.