Donaldson launches diesel emission website

The Donaldson Company launched an online diesel engine resource center Nov. 3 that answers questions about retrofitting diesel engines and provides a glossary of emission-related terms.

The Emissions Resource Center site has free access and features descriptions of new technologies used to reduce engine emissions, highlights the benefits of retrofitting a diesel engine exhaust system and discusses the health impacts of emissions.

According to Steve Kean, director of Donaldson’s engine group marketing, the site was developed because of a lack of easy-to-use information sources on diesel emissions.

“There’s a great deal of information on the web that focuses on emission-reduction technologies and emissions standards, but it can be very cumbersome to sift through,” Kean said. “With the online Emissions Resource Center, we’re working to provide a centralized and comprehensive one-stop information source.”

In addition to the technology and health updates, the Emissions Resource Center website also features updates on recent emission legislation and regulations imposed by the Clean Air Act and from industry organizations such as the Environmental Protection Agency, American Lung Association, Clean Air Task Force and the Diesel Technology Forum.

To visit the Emissions Resource Center, click on the link to the right.